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Michael Onett
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Hospice Recruiting Staffing
Comprehensive HospiceDirectory  
For consumers and Caregivers
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
The Nation's Largest Hospice Organization (extensive information provided)

Staffing Services - If you need to add a member to your team - Executive Director, Nurse Case Managers, Clinical Management and Hospice Sales representatives call 888-362-9440 Hospice Staffing Specialists  help@hospicerecruiters.com

  • State of the Art Human resources and staffing solutions specific to the hospice industry
  • These Hospice Technology tools to target, recruit, hire and retain the most qualified clinical, professional, and support staff personnel
Contact us at call  (888)788-5856 or info@hospicechoices.net.




All Allied Health Schools 



Our site is a comprehensive database of North American

allied health schools where users can search through over 80

medical-related concentrations—everything from medical assistant schools

to pharmacy technician programs. It is a free resource for all

prospective students.


The Hospice Web offers many good links and a hospice providers list



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