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Michael Onett
founder of Hospice Choices

Why is it important that everyone register?
Hospice Foundation of America
The foundation provides a wealth of necessary information on the topic of hospice care
and a link on how to find a hospice provider.


Getting Older

Did you know that by the year 2020, the percent of the U.S. population over age 65 is expected to exceed 17%. Nearly one out of every five people will be over age 65!?

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Hospice Origins

Hospices provide palliative care, as opposed to curative care...

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See what hospice is

In a special series on"Today",

Matt Lauer did a story on hospice, 

We encourage everyone to click on this link and consider a hospice career.

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Remeinder - Hospice Foundation of America offers Hospice and Caregiving Blog

Washington, Hospice Foundation of America today launched the Hospice and Caregiving Blog to provide information and resources to hospice and ....click for more

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Hospice Jobs - The Nation's Hospice Career Center since 2004.

Hospice jobs -  Over 55,000 + hospice job seekers including hospice nurses have signed up in HospiceChoices.com ...

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National Association of Home Care and Hospice

NAHC Announces its partnership to help the National Home care and Hospice Career Center
One Stop Shop for Provider Employers and Job Seekers

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Helping Children & Adolescents Cope with Grief & Loss Webinars

"Living With Grief: Ethical Dilemmas at the End of Life" - BEREAVEMENT TELECONFERENCE
April 20, 2005   Hospice Foundation of America.  Registration ...

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50% to 100% of all Hospice advertising proceeds go to Haiti International Response Fund

Hospice Choices will donate to the Red Cross

100% of revenues from every hospice 

purchases a single advertisement/posting

and 50% off advertising packages for the

next two weeks.

Click to read more on your right...

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Hospice Choices partners with hospice community

New hospice resources have been dedicated by Hospice Choices to become designated as the NHPCO's Endorsed Partner to provide the online career center for the hospice community...

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Hospice Letter

An essential tool for hospice managers... HospiceChoices featured in June edition!

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