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National Association of Home Care and Hospice


NAHC Announces Home Care & Hospice Career Center
One Stop Shop for Provider Employers and Job Seekers

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) is pleased to announce the National Home Care and Hospice Career Center, an industry-specific resource with the purpose of unifying the advertising efforts of all home care and hospice providers and providing an easy-to-use central point for job seekers to find a unique career within the home care and hospice communities.

The National Home Care and Hospice Career Center is the first national job board/career center offered exclusively to home care and hospice. The site provides one easy location for those interested in exploring home care and hospice opportunities and to provide health care organizations a place to meet, backed by experience in the health care sector. NAHC has determined that this unique, industry-specific career center, will utilize the full-potential of the Internet by allowing home care and hospice to reduce redundant advertising.

Costs are a mere fraction of conventional career centers. Working with a third-party administrator, NAHC will insure that all home care and hospice companies can have continuous affordable advertising online “quote”.

“If providers don’t have their potential need listed, job seekers won’t know it exists,” NAHC President Val J. Halamandaris said. “Once your ad goes up, it stays up, and seekers can find it at any time.”

By having the ability to post job ads around the clock all year long through the career center it will:

  • Help lower average costs per hire;
  • Shorten the time involved in the hiring process because providers will have real time knowledge of active job seekers at any given point in time; and
  • Allow employers a better selection process to choose the best employee possible for their agency.

NAHC members will have the exclusive benefit of the job seeker database. This site will only be available to home care and hospice providers. However, non-NAHC members may still advertise at a reduced rate, but will not have access to the job seeker database or have the advantage of annual subscriptions.


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