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Michael Onett
founder of Hospice Choices

Why is it important that everyone register?


Hospice Jobs - The Nation's Hospice Career Center since 2004.

Over1000 hospices have registered and over 10,000 people (MD, nurse,  CNA, SW, LPN, Chaplain, Patient  Accounting,  Business Mgr, Sales, Admissions, Administrators, Clinical Directors and more) have registered with Hospice Choices in the last few months! Our goal is to have a minimum of 10,000 hospice job seekers register each year. Our average hospice job seeker visits our job seeker section for more than 33 minutes, that's over 40,000 hours of job seeking on HospiceChoices. They are looking for your job listing!

Hospice Jobs. Hospice Choices has received feedback that this unique hospice specific website is making a difference!  We encourage people to registerand remember to complete the contact info section (it really helps for communication). Remember your job alert feature. Be alerted, when a new position has been listed! Our goal is to provide a place to visit for help regarding the hospice field. HospiceChoices is a continuous work in progress and we welcome your feedback. We can't improve unless we hear from you! Perhaps you have a creative idea or news relavant to the hospice industry that you would like to share.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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