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Michael Onett
founder of Hospice Choices

Why is it important that everyone register?
Hospice Foundation of America
The foundation provides a wealth of necessary information on the topic of hospice care
and a link on how to find a hospice provider.


Hospice is discussed on Dear Abby.....

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Hospice offers patients expert......

Watching the Terri Schiavo case unfold, we have gotten an education that ...

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Hospice Cup XXIII ~ September 11, 2004
As America's largest charity regatta, last year over $500,000 was released by Hospice Cup Sponsors to benefit hospices in...

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Capital Hospice
FAIRFAX, VA.  One of the nation's oldest hospice programs selects a new name...

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Kroc Estate Leaves $20M Gift to Hospice
Hospice officials announced the gift Tuesday, noting that Kroc had christened the building and enjoyed visiting the hospice, especially around the holidays...

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